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Leadership and Influence

Develop the skills to be an effective and successful leader. High impact leaders have the ability to lead and influence others toward a common goal. To do this you must develop your own toolbox of strategies - to maintain engagement, to build collaborative support and to master conflict while remaining true to your authentic self.

Upon completing this course, learners will be able to design an effective influence strategy to accomplish goals, even without formal authority. You’ll be able to recognize team dynamics and identify ways to help each member contribute more effectively. Through exercises and lessons, you’ll pinpoint problems and challenges in the way you (and your team) make decisions. Finally, you’ll walk away with a concrete plan for continuing to expand your situational adaptability as a leader, allowing you to adjust with fluency and achieve your fullest potential.

The MBA Core Curriculum MicroMasters® programme from the University of Maryland includes the following courses:

Marketing Management

Learn key marketing strategies and tactics to help your company develop products that match customers' needs, create awareness and demand for those products, and drive sales.

Leadership and Influence

Develop the skills to motivate and inspire others so you can confidently lead your organisation to success.

Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is the language of business. Learn to effectively intepret financial information to make sound decisions and confidently communicate to other leaders in your firm and with potential investors, shareholders, and creditors.

Data Analysis for Decision Making

Use data analysis to gather critical business insights, identify market trends before your competitors, and gain advantages for your business.

Strategic and Transformational IT

Learn about the explosion of technologies that are transforming business and how to strategically leverage technologies to maximise the value – and minimise the risk – to your firm.

Corporate Finance

Develop the ability to identify and resource high-value strategic initiatives and ensure a high rate of return for your firm's investments.

Global Business Strategy

Learn how to capitalise on opportunities, and manage the challenges of the global marketplace, and leverage this dynamic environment for long-term value.


No Need to Travel

31 March 2019


7 Weeks

8-10hrs effort per week/module

  • Determine an effective influence strategy to accomplish a goal, regardless of formal authority
  • Recognize team dynamics and identify strategies for leveraging each member’s contribution
  • Identify problems in the way you, and your team, make important decisions
  • Build a concrete plan for continuing to expand your situational adaptability as a leader

Module 1 Expanding Your Capacity to Lead. This module orients you to a potentially new way of thinking about leadership. You analyze what it means to be an effective leader and apply that analysis to a case scenario.

Module 2 Gaining Support You’ll be introduced to the common power bases and how to leverage them through various tactics and styles. You will determine which tactics are best to use in various scenarios.

Module 3 Building Collaborative Relationships. We’ll do our best to have you reconsider your approach to relationships by walking you through the competencies of emotional intelligence and by emphasizing the importance of building trust. We will see how these issues play out in different scenarios.

Module 4 Maintaining Engagement Using multiple frameworks, you will analyze and diagnose causes for lack of motivation in others and yourself. You will use this information to make intelligent decisions about your employee’s motivators.

Module 5 Establishing Functional Team Dynamics. This module introduces you to a framework for team dynamic diagnosis. You will practice diagnosing team dynamics and picking the right action to combat any dysfunction you discover.

Module 6 Improving Team Decisions. There is a lot that holds back teams and individuals from making smart decisions. This module unpacks those pitfalls and gives you the tools to avoid them in future team decisions.

Module 7 Mastering Conflict. We focus on finding the conflict sweet-spot in this module. In other words, the middle ground between emotion-laden personal attacks and artificial harmony. You will practice applying these tactics in order to master conflict.

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