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Global Marketing Strategy

In this marketing course, you will gain an understanding of the foundations, scope, and challenges of global marketing, as well as the cultural environments of global markets.

Organizations and businesses are always facing new challenges including slow domestic market growth, international competition, deregulation of formerly protected industries, short product life cycles, and the emergence of global brands. This course will equip you with skills to understand and handle current and developing challenges in global marketing and how to create and implement successful strategies.

This course will help you understand the strategic implications of segmentation, targeting, and positioning and how they are developed within the context of customer, competitor, and context analysis. Particular emphasis will be placed on the role of disruptive positioning strategies and how firms can utilize such strategies to their advantage.

You will develop integrated marketing strategies taking into consideration the problems and perspectives of marketing across national boundaries and within foreign countries. You’ll learn to evaluate and prioritize information that influences marketing decisions and deal with ambiguous information when engaged in business globally. You will also gain an understanding of the strategic implications of the Country of Origin Effect and how this influences customer’s information processing of firms and brands.

The International Business Management MicroMasters® Programme is comprised of the following courses:

Managing People from a Global Perspective

Learn people management practices and human resource tool sets to build high-performing cross-cultural and global teams.

Communicating in a Global Context

Learn how cultural differences impact business communication and gain hands on experience to enhance your international managerial communication skills.

States and Markets in the Global Economy

Learn to predict financial crises, handle unfair trade practices and minimise risks when investing in emerging economies.

Global Marketing Strategy

Understand how to assess global market opportunities and challenges while developing successful global marketing strategies.


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19 March 2019

R3 345,00

6 Weeks

10-12 hrs effort per week/module

  • To evaluate and build economic, functional, experiential, and social value or a combination thereof within the complex and dynamic political/legal, economic, competitive, technological, cultural, and other environmental forces that managers face in the global arena
  • To clarify the scope and challenges of global marketing
  • To assess the impact of external forces on global marketing decisions
  • To develop a disruptive positioning strategy for a firm that is struggling to differentiate itself from competition
  • Awareness of alternative market-entry strategies.

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